Wednesday, August 31, 2011

‘Star Wars’ Blu-ray Controversy: Has George Lucas Made Two Terrible Audio Alterations to the Original Trilogy?

From slashfilm, There is more possible ‘Star Wars alteration’ controversy today. The word going around on and other message boards is that review copies of the Star Wars blu-ray set have trickled out, and two of the supposed changes to the original trilogy are being highlighted. While the digital Yoda in The Phantom Menace is a much broader change, these two alterations — if true — will be far more irritating.

The two big tweaks reported are changes to audio, one in the original Star Wars and the other in Return of the Jedi. The latter is the big one, as two instances of Darth Vader saying and screaming ‘Nooo!’ have reportedly been added to the scene where (spoiler!) Vader throws the Emperor to his doom. The idea would seemingly be to establish some thin and wholly silly symmetry between the versions of Vader at the end of each Star Wars trilogy. Check out the two audio changes below. Prepare to cringe. Again: the veracity of these clips remains in doubt. There is a troll at work here; we just don’t know yet if it is George Lucas, or some anonymous prankster.

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Octopunk said...

Good god, this seems to be real. At least the New York Times seems to think so.

I think this might be an Andy Kaufman thing now. He can't stop pissing people off. Ten years from now all the cast members will have been digitally replaced with Gunguns and Ewoks.