Tuesday, March 27, 2012

9 of the Best (Worst) Fictional Games in Actual Movies

5) Space Paranoids in Tron

From toplessrobot, Even before the game industry started outselling the movie industry, Hollywood was inventing fake videogames to be plot points, backdrops, objects of terror, cheap jokes, and more -- and because Hollywood wasn't really in the business of making games, they weren't particularly good at making them up, either. Here are nine of our favorite movie videogames that we also have no real desire to play.

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Octopunk said...

Let's see...
I can't comment on every item, but some deserve my attention:

9. Clearly somebody's going to have to screen Arcade in an upcoming 'thon. I love how Virtual Reality enjoyed its brief role as boogeyman in the early 90s.

8. Bleah. Existenz came out the same year as The Matrix, and became the "thinking man's" simulacra movie for wannabe intellectuals.

7. Wow that Bond movie sucked. Almost as bad as playing that snoozy video game.

5. I like this bit about Space Paranoids: " In 1982, this was a futuristic (at the time) game (that was fake). In 2012, this is now a retro game (that is real) that seems fake. "

2. Lawnmower Man. There's that pesky Virtual Reality again.