Thursday, March 29, 2012

John Carter of Mars

2012 **


Somewhere deep in the blog vaults there's a draft of a post I've just called "Barsoom post," about the Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars books and how I've been into them since I was young and all the art they've inspired in the world at large. Someday I'll put that together and post it, but not today. Last night I saw John Carter of Mars because they finally made a movie of this character after 100 freaking years, and I had to see it for myself.

It was a complete waste of time. The green Martians (above) were the best part about it, but otherwise it was pretty irredeemable. It's not worth going into in detail, but suffice to say that every bitter article about bloated budgets and crappy results is spot on with this one. I'm not saying "wait for it on dvd" as much as I'm saying "if you wander across it on cable, maybe check out the green Martains." Really poor stuff.


JPX said...

I'm so disappointed to hear that John Carter is bad. It has been very difficult to gauge how good/bad the film is given an early seemingly undeserved campaign of hate towards it. Finally a Horrorthonner has seen it and I now know to avoid it. Thanks, Octo!

Landshark said...

Well darn. I'm rereading the books now, btw, since I got a Kindle for xmas, and they're out of copyright, and thus FREEEEE!

AC said...


landshark, one of these days the blog should try a readathon.