Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Deliver Us From Evil


After a woman throws her child into a ravine at the zoo, the police go to remove her and find she's gone completely bonkers. They begin to pursue a suspect in connection who the woman is seen on tape speaking to just prior to grabbing the child. One of the investigating officers gets caught up in what turns out to be a murder investigation but the circumstances are anything but normal. There seems to be a deeper more evil supernatural element. With the help of a man Tony dubbed as "badass priest " they try to exorcise the problem before any other lives are lost.

Badass Priest!
And you thought the Fonz was cool, ha!
I was very happy to find a recent American film that had some game to it. Although the characters are a little one-dimensional the effects are top notch and the sets are extremely creepy. I wanted to see this one at the theater when it first came out but never made it. Horror very rarely stays in the theater for long. Definitely worth watching.

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JPX said...

This sounds good. The title is so generic I can see how it would be easily overlooked. It's true, horror lasts approximately 2 weeks in the theater. It's a quick cash-grab from teenagers. I always make the mistake of waiting to see a horror movie because I can't stand watching with teens and then I miss it!

AC said...

that crucified kitty is giving me the notion that this might not be my cup of tea.