Saturday, November 01, 2014

You're Next


A family gathering is disrupted when a shooter starts firing arrows from a crossbow during their dinner. Doesn't take long to find out that there are not one but three assassins and they are picking off family members one by one.
A blog favorite this year You're Next is a wild and crazy slasher adventure from beginning to end. At first when the shooter begins firing the arrows the scene is a crazed melee of shaky camera, flying arrows, screaming, arguing and blood. It's almost like brain overload, I wanted to shut it off but once you get through that scene the rest of the movie is a super fun ride.


DCD said...

Didn't get to this one this year. On the list for next year though!

AC said...

Yay so glad you liked it too!

JPX said...

Yeah, this is a good one! I don't really like home invasion movies but I really thought that this one was clever.