Monday, November 03, 2014

Errors of the Human Body


A brilliant scientist creates a deadly virus in error which nearly destroys his life. He takes the position at a renowned research facility in Dresden Germany where he discovers they are using a form of his deadly virus in a regeneration experiment. After being bitten by a mouse he contracts the virus and is inevitably doomed by his very own hand.

This is what you find when you have insomnia and you put random words like body in a search on Netflix. I like to call it a happy accident. So this film that I would never have discovered otherwise was actually very interesting. The reason for my lower rating has to do with the scientist's behavior. When he realizes he's contracted the virus he freaks out and takes off from the facility going through the streets of Germany. Now this guy is a scientist, a high-caliber scientist at that, he knows the risks of bringing that virus out into the world and yet it's exactly what he does. I can't even describe how pissed off I was at his irresponsible behavior. But I don't mean to discourage from the film itself, the subject matter is interesting, the characters are interesting and as a whole I did like it.


DCD said...

Still, that's a pretty jerky move!

JPX said...

I'm like you when it comes to people doing stupid things in movies - it can sometimes ruin a movie for me (don't even get me started on Prometheus). Otherwise this sounds like a random good find!

AC said...

Totally agree with the criticism about characters doing something unrealistic/stupid/unlikely. It just pulls me right out of the movie.