Thursday, November 06, 2014


(1983)** SBIG

I decided to ignore the films I had queued and go hunting for something different. This early 80s anthology had me laughing from beginning to end, unintentionally of course. We find two obnoxious American dudes with bad mobster type accidents robbing some movies from a video store and they go to a girls house to watch them. The films are British, he knows that "becuzzah da way de tawk."

Zuni warrior doll has nothin' on me.

The first segment features an washed up puppeteer. His wife and stepson have had it with him and inform him they are moving to Canada and he is not welcome to come unless he burns his puppets. The next day while he is putting on his Punch and Judy show, his stepson interrupts and causes a scene. That evening Punch goes on a (hilarious) killing spree.

80's goggles help you see ghosts.
In the second story a woman keeps seeing a family being murdered within her house. She contacts a paranormal expert Who checks the house out and assures that her that whatever entities were there have left. But they come back...

Gnome wrestling!
In the third and final segment a gardener gets a job for two old women who ask him if he believes in gnomes and fairies. He writes them off as crazy and decides he'll just do his job. But when the ladies inform him that they don't believe in banks and they always pay in cash he gets ulterior motives. Suffice to say, a giant garden gnome & a fairy do quite a number on him when he returns to the house to rob them. I just about laughed myself sick on this one.
Glad I decided to peruse Netflix, it just doesn't feel like Horrorthon  unless I find at least one that's so bad it's good.


JPX said...

You liked this more than I did but I concur with the SBIG sentiment!

AC said...

Sounds like a must see SBIG!