Monday, November 03, 2014

Gantz: Perfect Answer


An immediate continuation of the first Gantz film, this action packed sequel has all the fight of the first film and more. The aliens have now taken human form and there is a second small orb that those in possession of have the opportunity to trump the gantz crew and infiltrate the system. As the aliens fight for their existence so the gantz members fight to try and earn enough points to resurrect their loved ones.

I love that fro!
Perfect Answer is truly the perfect conclusion to this story. The only thing I really missed in this one were the monsters. With the aliens taking human form it becomes more of a ninja like combat flick than a monster alien battle. The story is solid and well played though so I guess I will just have to seek my monsters elsewhere.


DCD said...

Cool! So rare to find a good sequel.

JPX said...

I'm sure they stayed in human form because its cheaper than having to do all the monster FX. What an odd film series!

AC said...

Sorry about no monsters but still sounds very good for a sequel.