Sunday, November 02, 2014

Tomie: Forbidden Fruit

There are seven or more films in this popular Japanese series. The common ground for all of them is Tomie an instigating siren who continuously gets murdered and comes back. In this installment Tomie befriends a young schoolgirl of the same name who has no other friends and takes to spending her time writing books about love and cannibalism. Tomie has a past with the girls' father who remembers her from when he was much younger. She uses her seductiveness to worm her way into the house and into the hearts of both father and daughter, that is until she gets too pushy and dad buries an axe in her head, but Tomie doesn't like to stay dead. After her father tells his daughter that he killed Tomie and chopped her into pieces she finds the head which in turn starts speaking to her so she takes it home where it begins to grow a new body.

Since the original Tomie film wasn't readily available I decided to go for one of the offshoots that had a decent rating. The Japanese certainly do have creative imaginations. I don't know what Tomie is but she's self-centered and obnoxious which inevitably is what gets her killed over and over again. Her body looked like a hybrid between a baby and a maggot when it started to grow back, gross. Such a weird flick and now for some reason I really want to see the rest of them.


DCD said...

Gah, that image of her growing a new body is nasty! Interesting find. You have to watch the rest because now I want to know if anyone ever figures out a way to permanently kill her!

JPX said...

Back in the day before we had this blog I think I watched the very first Tomie and I don't recall liking it. I can't believe that there are so many sequels! Your choices have been great thins year!

AC said...

Eww! Yeah, still a biddy, not watching this! :)

Johnny Sweatpants said...

I love how Tomie "doesn't like to stay dead" and can decide to come back if she so chooses. We should all be so lucky!