Sunday, November 02, 2014

Horrorthon 2014 has come to a close!

Hey kiddies, I got caught up in some extra-corpse-ricular activities on Halloween and forgot to tell you to stop watching movies!  Being the good children you are I'm assuming that you all abided by Horrorthon rules and watched no films beyond 11:59pm on Friday night.  You know Gretchen doesn't like rule-breakers.  Now listen, you blood-thirsty little fiends, you have until Thanksgiving to get the rest of those reviews out.  Post as many as you want and good luck to the sinner, I mean winner.


Abduscias said...

I'm done! I'm all Dracula-d out! Lol

Catfreeek said...

I have a few more to post, will get on it post haste.

AC said...

Also a few more to post, looking forward to reading the other reviews as they come rolling in!