Saturday, November 01, 2014

The Satanic Rites of Dracula

(1973) ***

My final review of Christopher Lee/Peter Cushing movies of the year! Yay!!
This one was better than Dracula A.D. Most of the characters were played by the same actors, except for the granddaughter Jessica.

We have the opening scene where a satanic ritual is being played out in a mansion in the middle of the woods. There are captives in a couple of rooms that are being guarded by security in fancy knitted sweaters..but one escapes! He is picked up by the local police, who have been watching that house for a while. The escapee tells the officers that there were vampires there, which makes them seek out Professor Van Helsing once again!

Van Helsing does some digging around the mansion with his granddaughter, finding vampires chained to the walls in the basement! He finds out that Dracula is behind it all, pretending to be a property developer by day. He also finds out that Dracula means to rid the world of humans be developing a plague! (not quite sure how this fits into the vampire world)
Van Helsing kills the other vampires and saves his final battle for Dracula!

                                     Mr. Dracula got caught in a big thorn bush? Really?

At first I thought that me watching these out of order would be an issue, but the order didn't seem to matter. I am officially all Dracula-d out for the year! I leave you with a behind the scenes picture of Lee and Cushing having a lovely time..


AC said...

You picked a great theme this year Abduscias!

Catfreeek said...

Loving that last picture. Well done.

Abduscias said...

Thanks! I'm all Brit-ted out too! Lol

JPX said...

I just can't do these early 70s British movies. Thank you for covering them!

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Nice job on the Lee/Cushing flicks this year. I watched most of the ones you reviewed about a decade ago and I'm with you for the most part (though I really liked Dracula: AD 1972). Even the boring ones are ok because of Lee and Cushing's presence.