Sunday, November 30, 2014

Octo Smash! Also Octo not doing Review Bomb yet.

I'm tired of hearing myself bitch about how much I had to do in October, but guess what!  November was all cray cray too.  I've got eight films left to review, and while some of them could be dealt with quickly there are a few I want to spend time on and do right.  Meanwhile I'm hoping JPX will return to blog biz as usual and I'll get Spider-Man up and running again...

(That's in my house, by the way.  Discovered a hunk of subfloor that had been eaten by termites back before the pre-move-in gaseous genocide we ordered.)

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JPX said...

First of all, do you own that cool mask? Second, since when do you know how to do stuff like that? I've known you for the better part of 40 years and I don't recall you having any home-improvement skills. I'm impressed.