Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hulk Disco Song Good

That's the disco version of the Hulk theme used in the episode "Alice in Discoland" accompanied by footage someone spliced together from the TV series that ran from 1977-82.

Crystal and I have been combing through these episodes and I must report that it is sweeter than ever. Those who claim Mark Ruffalo is the superior David Banner needs to shut their stinkin' pie holes because he's got nothing on the late, great Bill Bixby. Sure, Ruffalo was more palatable than Ed Norton or Eric Banana but Bixby had a distinct charm that cannot be matched. His smile is just so damn disarming.


Octopunk said...


That was pretty damn good! For some reason I was expecting 90s oontz oontz style discofication, so the soulful bass beats of the 70s were a nice surprise.

I'm not really one for investigating old TV shows in the thorough way that you and your brother do, but I'll admit those clips made me want to know more...

Crystal Math said...

I signed up to go to a dance cardio class tonight and I know this will be the only thing on my mind!

The bells in the beginning remind me of the Blondie song, "Rapture."

JPX said...

Oh I love this old show! I agree that Bixby was the best David Banner. Octo, I think you would find it cheesy and charming. I'll burn you a few episodes.