Monday, July 23, 2012

'The Dark Knight Rises' makes an estimated $162 million at the box office

From ew, The Dark Knight Rises took in an estimated $162 million over the weekend, reports The New York Times, giving it a slightly better opening than its predecessor, but still less than either The Avengers or the final Harry Potter film. While that number was below some projections of $190 million, it indicates that moviegoers weren’t strongly dissuaded from attending screenings in the wake of the Colorado shooting. (Though pre-sale tickets are certainly a factor as well.)

1. The Dark Knight Rises $162 million
2. Ice Age: Continental Drift $21 million
3. The Amazing Spider-Man $11 million
4. Ted $10 million
5. Brave $6 million

Official box office estimates are still forthcoming on Monday as the major studios declined to disclose figures over the weekend in deference to the victims of the shooting.

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Octopunk said...

I'm really glad people were relatively unaffected by the shooting, because staying home would mean the terrorists win.

And I'm only a little kidding; this guy's not technically a terrorist, he's a nutcase, but the potential effect on the public is pretty much the same thing.