Friday, December 21, 2007

Bond Taking On Three Villains This Time

From cinemablend, We all know that it didn’t turn out well for Spider-Man 3 when it chose to include three villains, but Bond 22 might be headed the same direction when it comes out next November. Mexican actor Joaquin Casio told the Mexican newspaper El Diario (as reported by that he has been cast as General Medrano, Bond’s enemy in Latin America. This in addition to Mathieu Amalric and Anatole Taubman, European actors who are already confirmed cast members.

Casio also said he would be filming in Bolivia, which adds another location to Bond’s globe-trotting shoot. Taubman will be joining him there, according to Commander Bond, which indicates the two baddies will be in cahoots. I mean, aren’t most Bond villains usually in cahoots anyway?

I’m late to the news that Amalric, who is currently in The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, will be playing a baddie; I loved him in Diving Bell, and kind of relish the idea of what he could do with a super-villain rather than a paralyzed man. Also, given that Bond movies usually have plots far more complex and intertwined than any given superhero epic, I’m assuming they can do what Spider-Man 3 couldn’t and actually make this one coherent.

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