Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Caption Contest Bonus Round Winners!

"I'll just install this vibrator and my super orgasmatron will be complete. Juuuuuuuulliiiiiiiiee, I have a suprisssse for yoooooooouuuuuuu!"

That one's from Cat, which just cracked me up again with the implication that I immediately turned on my new orgasmatron and yelled to my wife over the vibration. Johnny's "one-eyed monster was trouble enough" gag gets honorable mention.

Snail: I'm telling you, they've all got to go. Bernenke. Greenspan. All of 'em. They should be assassinated one by one. Don't look so shocked.

OP: I guess they did kind of fuck over the entire country.

Snail: More like the entire world. I'm telling you, if I run into one of these guys, it is curtains. Kaput. Endsville. I will kill them so hard. Yeah! That's right. Get excited!

Snail: I have a plan to just crawl very slowly right up their asses. What? It could work.

Despite what it looks like, I didn't just award myself that one; Julie was on my computer and forgot to sign out as me. Really!

Anyway, it doesn't matter, because the REAL contest is about to start.

Congrats, ladies! You get nothing.

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Catfreeek said...

Thanks for "nothing" Octo;)