Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DC Comics to renumber all comics, offer day-and-date digital distribution

From ew, Superman, your days are re-numbered! DC Comics today announced that it will begin new numbering for its superhero comics this summer, as well as begin releasing digital editions on the same day print editions are available in stores. The renumbering effort for the publisher’s 52 “DC Universe” titles (i.e., its core superhero business) will start August 31 with Justice League No. 1, which marks the debut of superstar creative team Geoff Johns and Jim Lee. It coincides with the conclusion of its highly-touted “Flashpoint” storyline starring The Flash, an epic mystery concerning an apparent timeline reboot. While it’s not uncommon for publishers to renumber a title (usually in tandem with a creative reboot designed to goose sales), it’s believed that DC’s initiative marks the first time a publisher has renumbered all of its books at once. DC will begin offering day-and-date digital distribution of its titles on August 31 as well.

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Home Inspector Expert said...

I think it would be a blast. I would love to see the Justice League be the must-read DC title where everything cools happens. I would love to have a writer of John’s caliber and Lee's skill on the book. They just have a HUGE SKEPTICISM GAP to cross. Please prove me wrong.