Saturday, May 21, 2011

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Handsome Stan

Several Horrorthoners had the distinct pleasure of attending the epic union of Hawk (Handsome Stan) & his lovely bride Animal (Krista). The setting so elegant, flickering candles complemented by delicate flowers while the gentle sound of Star Wars music wafted through the air.

Stan's entrance was most regal as he proudly marched through an arc of light sabers. What an entrance!

He was followed by his most beautiful bride who descended from a long staircase looking quite stunning.

As the fantastically unique ceremony came to conclusion, the deal was sealed with a kiss. Then the party began.

We all loved the band. It was like being transported in time back to a day when Motown ruled the airways. Amazing!

Try as he may Stan was unable to stop the circulation of this adorable picture from his boyhood. Oh Stan, you know this one is going to come back to haunt you on this blog for many, many years, right.

As the night wound down several familiar faces gathered by the fire sharing drinks and conversation.

While a light saber wielding Stan heroically rescued his bride from some unknown force.

As Tony & I said our goodbyes we revisited a familiar scene. I came to the conclusion that while Stan may have been quite brave as he entered the life long contract of marriage, he's still frightened by Tony.


Octopunk said...

HOORAY! Congratulations and best of luck to the both you yez! Looks like a fantastic party and I'm so sorry that I couldn't be there. But I love the action! Light sabers, woo!

And Johnny, way to rock that vest!

DCD said...

YAAAAAAY!! Congratulations you guys! Looks like a fabulous time - love those light sabers!

DCD said...

Also - Thanks for the pics, Cat!

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Great pictures Catfreeek!

HandsomeStan said...

While I'm supposed to be packing for the honeymoon cruise right now, I had to check in here on the off-chance somebody mentioned something about the little shindig.

Cat, you are a genius. Incredible photos, incredible write-up, and much like the Lord of the RIngs trilogy, the third installment of Tony Scares Stan series is the best of the lot. Thank you for this post, and for being there.

My regret was in not being able to officially invite the entire brilliant gang from Horrorthon. As it turned out, we did have solid representation, and for those of you that I didn't have a chance to invite and/or see, know that you were all there in spirit, and I drank enough for everybody.

I think it was the single greatest night of my life (certainly the most exhausting). Love all you guys, and I'll be back on the blog (and unemployed, yay!) as of next Sunday.

Off to cruise to Bermuda. Really hoping for some UFOs or interdimensional portholes or something.

AC said...


congratulations handsome stan and mrs. handsome stan; have a fabulous time in bermuda; and thanks catfreeek for sharing the experience!

The Mr. said...


Julie said...

Yay! Congrats!

Now you're in for it. Heh.

JPX said...

All I know is that I am now in possession of a sweet, sweet lightsaber...

The wedding was terrific fun! Thanks for having us =)