Saturday, April 28, 2012

3 years late to the party

Yes, Mr. AC and I just finished watching the rebooted Battlestar Gallactica tonight.  Several of you watched it back in the day but I can't find much discussion on the blog and am dying to process.  So... what did y'all think? 


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I always thought I would have enjoyed this one alot more if I watched it in one shot instead of weekly. I was pretty let down by the ending despite many joys throughout the years.

Jordan said...

I thought it was terrific. The ending didn't bother me at all, because, come the hell could you end something as fundamentally insane as this? I'm still astonished that they even managed to start it, let alone end it. And the final episodes had a lyricism and poetry that I really liked. In retrospect, I'd rather have something mysterious like this, than the kind of dogged, everything-explained/every-t-crossed-and-i-dotted series of explanations at the end of Lost. Galactica wasn't afraid to play it mysterious and elusive, like, you know, 2001 and Lost Highway, and I think that's great.

Octopunk said...


First the bitch part:

I was totally down with the show right until the last 15 minutes of the last episode. Not so much the "tying it all to our Earth" thing, because they kind of had to do that. It was the "let's destroy our spaceships and medical facilities" thing, especially because it's implied in one sentence that everyone unanimously agreed to it.

And that part doesn't even bother me as much as the accompanying "everybody going their separate ways" thing. Sure, fine, spread yourself around the planet. Sure, fine, Starbuck was actually dead already and sure, fine, Galen wants some permanent alone time because he's had it rough. But Apollo and Papa Adama have this final farewell so Adama can haul Laura's dying ass somewhere pretty so he can build his cabin, and it's clear that they're never going to see each other again and it's for no reason (except maybe the "we're out of spaceships" point above). Why can't Bill find his cabin and then have a big barbecue? Invite the whole cast!

Octopunk said...


But I mean it when I say I liked everything up until the end of the last episode. That episode is slamming, and a worthy capper to the series (right up until Starbuck hyperjumps the Galactica, and that footage of her hull buckling was something I've never seen before).

Sure, there were parts I liked better than other parts, but mostly I was continually pleased and surprised at how well it held up.

Two hight points I to which I give props: The last ep of season 3, which has Apollo's awesome speech on the witness stand ("we're not a society, we're a gang") and the freakin' great version of that Bob Dylan song and all the weirdness surrounding it. Loved it.

In the episode No Exit, Sam spills millenia-old secrets that his recent bullet to the brain have shaken loose. With all the loose threads whipping around at that point, I was knocked over how well the backstory suddenly fell together. The kind of question-answering you always hope for.

AC said...

thanks for the comments! because we just watched the finale we are actively experiencing a let-down feeling (we didn't expect all loose ends tied up, but found the finale relatively implausible and unsatisfying), but overall we thought the series was excellent. i can totally see revisiting it in future. oh, fyi, on streaming netflix, they seem leave out some parts, which really sucks, like they didn't show the galen part of the finale at all! lame.

Octopunk said...


Hey AC, are you sure they cut stuff out? The scene with the Chief I mentioned is just a line or two about how he's going to settle down somewhere where there's no people, because that's what he needs. After the whole girlfriend's a Cylon/Cylon girlfriend's dead/marriage/parenthood/you're a Cylon/wife kills herself/kid's not yours/wife actually murdered/kills Tori in a rage experience, it makes sense for the character.

(By the way, I thought it was stupid of Tory not to tell the group she killed Cally before the big mind meld. I'm not faulting the writers, but the character.)

AC said...

positive! not one word or scene with him!

spiderkev said...

For myself Ihought the ending was both sensible and moving.How did you all want it to end? Everbody dies?