Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ringu Ghost Throws Out the First Pitch for Some Reason

From iwatchstuff, In keeping up with the newly-founded American tradition of inexplicably inviting the Three Stooges to professional wrestling matches, Japan too is finding ways to utterly confuse sports spectators with out-of-place, unfocused film tie-ins. In promotion of the upcoming Ringu sequel, Sadako 3D, one of Japan's baseball teams recently allowed Sadako--the Ringu series' famous, long-haired nightgown spectre--to throw out the ceremonial first pitch, much to the polite applause of the crowd. Why not, right, Japan? As you'll see below, the ghoul really hammed it up out there, then really threw like a girl even though I think Sadako is hermaphroditic.


Octopunk said...

Cripes, what's next, a parade float?

Good thing she didn't part her hair or the guy returning with everybody's hot dog order would've found a stadium full of corpses.

spiderkev said...

I think the mascot was more frightening than her.

DCD said...

That was hilarious!! They really should have put a baseball cap on her - I mean, she had the cleats!