Monday, September 30, 2013

A Message From Gretchen

Ok everybody it's time again to take the Horrorthon plunge! I want a good clean fight... scratch that - I want a nasty and bitter battle from everyone.

Once again the rules:

1) Watch as many horror movies as you can stomach from midnight October 1st through 11:59 PM October 31st.

2) Post reviews: a limit of 2 reviews per day are allowed through the month of October. Beginning November 1st until Thanksgiving you can post as many per day as you can. Rate the reviews on a scale of * to *****.

3) We're pretty lenient as to what constitutes "horror" but as a general rule of thumb the movie in question should be intended to scare the audience.

4) Have fun! Or don't! I couldn't care less! If I'm forgetting anything please say so in the comments.


Catfreeek said...

Gretchen I'm so excited that you can now hover above us like the Goddess we have come to worship.

AC said...

ooh, question: mr. ac wants to know if horror-ish documentaries could count?

JPX said...


Catfreeek said...

Absolutely! Last year I reviewed Cropsey which was a horror-ish documentary. I highly recommend it btw ;)

AC said...

yay! jon is intrigued with ed gein. he can work that subtheme on his own (shiver).