Thursday, September 26, 2013

Horrorthon Countdown Contest Day Five! Themes and Sub-Themes!

My homies!  That was a heartwarming turnout for yesterday's late Countdown post and it's good to hear from y'all!  Speaking of remembering to support all things bloggerful, I never commented on this work of art here:

Good GOD I'll be lucky to see a movie half that scary this year.

This year I feel a bit like it's 8pm on Halloween and I just found out I'm going to a party and I don't have a costume.  That is, I haven't really landed on any movie groupings to take on this year.  And how about you, dear viewers?  Hankering for some Italian?  Flicks about bugs?  Specialized murders involving only blenders?  Or are you still thinking about it, like me?  Sometimes these things just happen, you know.

So let's chat about it.  I think I'll lay down an opening comment and then head over to Netflix and see what turns up...


Octopunk said...

Of course I have my old standbys that I pick at a little every year:

Sci-fi horror: Because there's too many such flicks to hit in one year

Kaiju movies: Because they're kind of too similar to take on in marathon format

Movies that have an exclamation point in their title! Because !

I'd like to finish up the Saw franchise just for completion sake, and so I can make a post that list and spoils every single trap.


JPX said...

I guard my Horrorthon choices like a fat kid with a Twinkie! Seriously though, I rarely have a Horrorthon strategy. I always try to see everything that came out over the past year (stupid Conjuring) but outside of that I like to keep it loose because that's the way I roll. Actually, I'm pretty uptight. I've determined that American horror sucks more than a fat kid with a lollipop so I have my eye out for foreign scares. I'm always a sucker for ghosts and haunted houses and although controversial I love found footage movies.

Octo, you should finish the SAW movies, they're all fun!

Rumor has it that Crystal has never seen any of the Friday the 13th movies (I'm embarrassed for her too) so it looks like she might have her work cut out for her (kick JSP's ass AGAIN, please).

Octopunk said...

I'm disappointed you didn't wrap that up with a fat kid simile.

"Kick his ass like a fat kid kicking a ham!"

Hmm, that needs some work.

AC said...

as usual, I will be looking for new-to-me quality/classic horror, so-bad-its-good horror, and pushing my personal (biddy) comfort zone a little. maybe i'll finally try the first saw movie.

mr. ac does love his zombie movies so he'll probably get a batch of those in the queue, which means I might have to absorb a few as well.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Let's just say I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Catfreeek said...

I have my eye on the classics this year but as you know my themes are always riddled with sub themes and fillers. I'm feeling quite nostalgic though. Looking to revisit some creature feature faves, hidden gems from the past and perhaps find a pearl among the rotton oysters.

(Still laughing over the visual of a fat kid kicking a ham)