Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Footloose (remake) trailer for the ladies (JPX has never seen Footloose)


Octopunk said...

I also have never seen Footloose. But I was so psyched about the Kenny Loggins song I taped a whole 45 minute side of a cassette tape with it over and over (off of my 45 rpm record of course) and listened to it while I played with a Matchbox Ferrari 380GTS (Magnum's car, although I never watched Magnum either) imagining amazing shootouts and stunts.

I'm pretty sure the original didn't feature and exploding bus duel.

JPX said...

That just might be your most embarrassing nerd moment ever. I'm embarrassed for the both of us.

"Cause I gotta footloose.." Damn you, now it's stuck in my head.

DCD said...

Listen - I HAVE seen Footloose - about a million times. This remake is bullshit. Dammit.

And you kids get off my lawn!