Tuesday, June 28, 2011

William Shatner's "The Captains" Documentary

From worstpreviews, A few days ago, we showed you a photo of William Shatner arm wrestling with Chris Pine (pictured), who both played Captain James T Kirk in "Star Trek."

It turned out that this is all apart of "The Captains" documentary that Shatner is shooting, which features the actor sitting down with all of "Star Trek's" captains, like Patrick Stewart, Kate Mulgrew, Avery Brooks, Scott Bakula and Pine.

Today, we have a short trailer for the movie that will premiere at Comic-Con next month and will air online at the Epix website (Friday, July 22nd at 8pm EDT). Immediately after the screening, there will be a questions and answers session hosted by Kevin Smith.


Carm said...

Haha Shatner seems really approachable. That's good to know!

JPX said...

Don't be fooled, in real life he's a diva/narcissist. I've heard George Takei detail many stories about Shatner's dispicable behavior on the set.

Octopunk said...

I have no reason to doubt the truth of that, but I do give him credit; his public persona seems to have no problem being made the butt of jokes.

Adam West gets props for that, too.