Monday, January 20, 2014

Breaking Bad ***no spoilers in post***

***** (2008-2013)

Mr.  AC and I just finished watching Breaking Bad and I would love to discuss it in the comments section with those who have seen it.  So, spoilers fine in comments section, just don't go there if you haven't seen the show. And anyone who hasn't see it should. One of the best TV shows ever.


Johnny Sweatpants said...

I agree that it's one of the greatest shows ever. I think the majority of those who have seen it would agree. I have been trying to get JPX to watch it but he stubbornly refuses. It's infuriating.

The last season was particularly agonizing. I wondered why I found myself rooting for Walter and even being pleased when Hank ate it. Am I a bad person because of that?

Catfreeek said...

Hands down one of the best shows ever. I'm up for discussion and JPX is totally missing out.

AC said...

why won't jpx watch it? that is crazy talk!

funny, jon was also rooting for walt in the last season, whereas i was totally team jesse. we would have discussions/arguments about it. i felt jesse had suffered enough and that walt was the cause of most of the worst stuff that had happened throughout the series. jon just didn't want walt to "lose" (be killed by jesse or hank, or get arrested). of course, virtually no one on the show was innocent. unless you hated everyone, you had to root for a criminal.

wasn't the finale perfect? they wrapped up the skinheads, the money, the schwartzes, walt's family, jesse, & lydia in 55 minutes. both jon and i were thoroughly happy with the outcome. total PITA for the skinheads and lydia! yes! and walt won after all.

Octopunk said...

And Todd. Don't forget Todd. It's the skinheads, then Jesse strangles Todd, then the phone call from Lydia. I watched it over and over.

And the "I did it for me" speech. So short, so perfect, reflected by that perfect look from Skyler.

Yeah, the last season was pure poetry, but in the earlier years I would balk from the show sometimes just for the stress factor. Julie would want to binge watch, and I'd only watch one or two and then let her binge ahead without me. It was always worth it, but I wasn't always in the mood to watch it. One couple we know stopped watching it because they kept fighting afterwards.

AC said...

the todd moment was so perfect. who better to bring him down than jesse.

in one of the extras they said when they played the teaser of walt buying the machine gun they had no idea how he was going to use it. so ballsy!

that episode, and the whole series, will definitely bear re-watching.

jon was more the binge guy, i was more finicky about when and how many to watch, but we always watched them together and would discuss. like you there were many days i was just not in the mood for the stress and heaviness. towards the end, though, we went more binge-y. can't imagine having to wait a whole week between episodes for the final season, or even tolerating commercials, and glad we waited til now to watch, though we lived in constant fear of spoilers the last few months.

Catfreeek said...

Tony and I followed the show from the beginning. We watched every week together then would discuss afterwards. I miss it and I miss those discussions. What a great series and what a perfect ending.

Trevor said...

I'd like to offer something different, but really, all I can do is gush about this show as well. We started watching in August, finished it two weeks ago. Virtually every episode was viewed online while the baby was breast-feeding. Sort of a strange environment, but perfect.

So, I was cheering for Hank from about season 3 on, when it became clear that he really was the only virtuous character. He had his flaws, which, while they stood out at the beginning, became so understandable and minor compared to those of almost every other character. I was crushed when Hank died.

Almost every other character perpetuated the insanity, even when they didn't intend to. Walt - well, that's kind of obvious. Jesse ruined things by bringing in Hank at the end. Mike made things worse by bringing in Todd. Saul made things worse by lifting Jesse's weed at the end. Skylar made it worse in a lot of minor ways. Walt may have been the driving force, but the conglomeration of greed, revenge, fear, insecurity, fed the fans of the conflagration that is the breaking bad world.

It was a great ending, but I kind of feel that the resolution was just a pile of ashes. Jesse is permanently screwed in the head, and will most likely quickly turn to self-abuse. Walt jr. hates his parents, and despite receiving $9 million, will spend the rest of his life scarred. Marie is a widow. Saul is on the run. If Skylar can recover, maybe she can raise Holly, but the odds are daunting.

AC said...

catfreeek, i know! we are kind of in withdrawal from the show itself as well as the discussions. how cool you and tony were in on it from the beginning.

trevor, for some reason i'm not quite as hopeless about jesse. yes, he's been seriously scarred, multiple traumas, but after being held captive he may have learned to value freedom and life again.

apparently there are rumors of a saul spinoff/prequel. not sure how to feel about that.