Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Daily Spider-Bomb! Post Horrorthon catch-up Week 1

Face it, Tarantula, if you sit around swapping tales about the security of a public official's office, your country is pretty boring.

Only the best security guards question the nature of perception and reality before taking action.

With a mighty NHHHNN, Spidey uses his incredible power of not always being completely useless!

"Si, Amigo!  Songs will be sung about how you heroically slightly aided the volatile chemicals I brought in my pocket!"

"Superheroes?  I'll send some guys!"  -- every villain ever.

I'm not sure what's worse, the ludicrous bid for drama that is "Like we said: time lag" or Spidey's blatant trademark infringement.


JPX said...

I've heard of a "time lapse" before but never one that occurred in the future. M.J. has already learned the outcome of events that have not happened yet.

I think Peter has a Hulk fetish.

I love that all Spider-Man was able to do was to make a "slight dent" in the steel door.

Great, funny stuff, Octo!

Anonymous said...

Wow, daily Spider-Man is back! Great, now I could catch up with the latest newspaper Spidey strips(my newspaper is two months behind with publishing these strips, they don't even have the sunday strips).

Now a quick review...

Strip 1: They have invaded El condors nest.

Strip 2: Nice aim, Spidey.

Strip 3: Lol Spidey, why would Hulk come with you?

Strip 4: Wow, I didn't know that Spidey likes loud "BTHOOM" music!

Strip 5: "Gentlemen" attacked Spidey and Tarantula!

Strip 6: Mary Jane in her Mary Janiest...and what? A repeat of saturday strips? Ugh.