Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Daily Spider-Bomb! Horrorthon 2013 wraps up, Turkey Death March begins

Democracy is apparently those two guys there.

Aww!  It was the mask we were interested in!

Always follow the orders of the guy with the giant face and hands.

Asking Spidey for advice is as bad as...  I can't think of anything worse, actually.

"Hey, that thought balloon of your wife is pretty hot, and you did kinda just kill my girlfriend..."

And the story ends as it began, travelling to the goddamn airport.

Yes!  I could go for some J. Jonah Jameson nonsense.  But what's with "Home is the Hero...?"  I think the guy who types those nexts is having a stroke.


Anonymous said...

Whoa, did Spider-Man just reversed his own motto in the first panel?

Anyway, the Costa Verde arc is finally over. I wonder what's next after this? Will he go to another city/country for fighting another villian?

Btw, great post, Octo! Keep up the good work.

JPX said...

These comic strip bombs have been so much fun! I have been quietly reading the next story and it's just ridiculous fun. Are you going to keep posting, Octo?

Octopunk said...

Hell yeah!

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Awesome stuff Octo, thanks for seeing this storyline to the end, and in such a hilarious fashion. I must say the last batch of strips would have been an endurance test on a day to day basis. I was thankful to be able to read them all at once. The caption of yours that made me laughed the hardest was "But look! I'm so indecisive I actually have two guns now!"