Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Daily Spider-Bomb! Horrorthon catch-up Week 2

Spider-Man strikes bafflingly awkward pose that's worse than Elaine Benes dancing!

One nice thing about Spidey's constant banter is that it makes me feel like mimes aren't all that bad.

It's a good thing the soldiers are ordered to ignore the water, because they're totally freaking out!

Typical superhero team-up crap:  "My pile of guys is bigger than yours!"

"But on the plus side, I'm not getting my ass handed to me by another door."

(I like to imagine that first panel as cheap animation, where they pass by those boxes several times.)

"And being evil makes you even hotter!  Damn it!"

How many freakin' times are these two going to surrender?

Also I find myself surprisingly incensed by Mary Jane sleeping with a framed picture of her husband.  I hope the only reason is that her bottle of valium is taped to the back of the frame.


JPX said...

Octo, your Spider-Man posts might not be receiving the attention they deserve but I am thoroughly enjoying them! I too was annoyed by the panel of M.J. sleeping with the framed picture - who does that, a tween?

The "surrender" mash-up at the end is terrific (and I'm sure labor intensive). These summaries are great and it makes me realize that I had missed a bunch of the strips during Horrorthon. I'm glad you quietly collected them - nice work!

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Hysterical read! I love the cheap animation running by the boxes.

I wish they would just admit that Mary Jane is completely useless and get rid of her. The newspaper strip is the only Spiderman comic that continues the notion that they're still married.

Anonymous said...

Hey Octo, I'm an anon... but I'm following your Spidey posts as well. Your daily Spidey posts are always fun to read.

With that being said, I'll do a quick review of these spidey strips...

Strip 1: Just One much happened.

Strip 2: Ha ha ha, that's a nice soldier shower.

Strip 3: Wow, Spidey is being competent! It's good see Spidey finally kicking a**(excuse my language).

Strip 4: What are they gonna do with all those guns. (lol, "pile of bad guys", good one, Octo.)

Strip 5: Uh-oh, what's gonna happen now?

Strip 6: Betrayal. (btw octto, i agree with you, evil does make her hotter)

Strip 7: One panel of Mary Jane and 5 panels of....drama. In other words, nothing special happened in this strip. Good thing I won't miss anything spacial because my newspaper doesn't publish sunday strips.

Anonymous said...

Btw, the "surrender" mashup is terrific indeed.