Thursday, January 09, 2014

Daily Spider-Bomb! Horrorthon catchup Week 3

"What's that?  You surrender too?  Sure sure, fine... to be honest I forgot you were here."

El Condor (stage whispers):  Dudes, we're right here!  We can totally hear you!

I choose to believe that everyone in the room rolled their eyes on "Bullseye!", including Rosa.

Some extremely hasty congratulating goes on.

Spidey basks in the glow of the manslaughter he just committed.

"Cornered -- like a rat!  Or I guess really anything that's in a corner..."

Sure!  Why not!  The only bad thing that could happen is maybe she gets raped and murdered!


Octopunk said...

(Daily Spider-Bombs break for weekends)

JPX said...

"The smothers the barrel of my gun"

Why is she saying this out loud? Why let Spider-Man know that his aim was successful?

I love that this ends up killing her. It's so rare that characters get killed in this strip. In fact, I can't recall this ever happening!

I'm really enjoying your recaps, Octo! Are you following the next story? It's great so far!

Anonymous said...

Anthor great post, Octo. I'm really enjoying this strips with your commentary.

Now, i'll do a quick review of the strips...

Strip 1: One panel again! Ugh... (lol, he definitely forgot he's there)

Strip 2: C'mon Spidey, do it for good!

Strip 3: Astilia's gun is now a Webgun, it'll shoot webs. (I rolled my eyes as well)

Strip 4: What happened? Uh-oh...(Yeah, that's a hasty sound indeed.)

Strip 5: Oh damn, Astilia killed heself!! When is the last time when a female character got killed in the newspaper strip Spider-Man series?

Strip 6: Oh, it' gonna be good. He he he...(There an El conder in the corner lol)

Strip 7: "Come back here, You-You-"... what could Rosa say to her own brother? Also, why is her cloths miscolored?

@JPX, Astilia killed Rodrigo a while ago.