Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Want to see: "Livid(e)"

From bloodydisgusting, Sorry of that title screws you up, but I wanted to cover all bases. Sometimes this movie is called Livid, and sometimes it is called Livide. I talked about Inside in my last article here, so you know I had to discuss those directors follow-up to that amazing horror movie.
Livid is not as extreme as Inside, but it is entirely just as memorable. Honestly, I will use a word to describe Livid that you will not likely see being used to describe horror very often. Beautiful. Honestly, the  movie is beautiful. Sometimes it feels more like a fable or fairty tale than a horror movie. Then someone gets their throat slashed and you remember, oh yeah, this is horror. Please don’t let that description put you off. The French have never let you down with their horror before, and they wont start with Livid.
Livid is about a girl named Lucy (played by one of the most stunning woman in the world, ChloĆ© Coulloud) who is a care taker for an ill old woman. She comes to find out there may be an artifact worth great money in the house, and she decides to come back late one night with a couple of friends to see if they can find it and break out of their financial rut they have all been in. Ofcourse, as is the case with most good horror, be careful when you go looking where you shouldn’t.
It may start slow, but once things pick up, it is hard not to be magnetized to this film. We find out the old lady she is caring for may not quite be who we thought she was, and this house itself has a bit of a sordid history. Oh, and there are ballerina vampires. That may sound lame, but trust me, there are a couple scenes with them that are visually stunning and wholly unforgettable.
Just excuse the ending. Everything in this movie is perfect until that final shot, when it all turns into a fucking Disney movie. But seriously, if you can look past that, you will love Livid.
Oh, and Beatrice Dalle is in it, too. Because you can’t do good French horror with Beatrice Dalle.


DCD said...

Sounds fun! And the biddy in me likes the possibility of a Disney ending to a horror flick...

Octopunk said...

The movie sounds fun, but the article jarred me with all the minor grammatical errors. The best error is the last, which isn't grammatically wrong but has a "with" where there's supposed to be a "without."

"Oh, and Beatrice Dalle is in it, too. Because you can’t do good French horror with Beatrice Dalle."

Crystal Math said...

Looks interesting -- I recently watched Pan's Labyrinth for the first time in years and was duly mystified at the beauty of the storytelling and the horror of the reality the little girl lived in.