Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Daily (cough cough) Spider-Bomb! New Story Begins!

I bet none of the other news photographers hang out with Peter Parker during lunch.

Another nagging narration panel...

"Actually Jonah, it would be better if your headline read 'Then He Came Back.'"

Because your Spider-Sense is a silly, usless power and goes off when weird men cock their eyebrows.

"Twenty times, Jesus Christ.  Do I hate the theater or do I hate my wife?  Oh God it's both.'

You know, his piles of spider-money.

"Hooray!  Maybe I'm not famous, but I can screw with my famous wife's career for attention!"


Octopunk said...

In other news, after I posted this I caught up on blog comments down to JPX and JSP's dad's cool MLK story. In case anyone cares.

This Spidey story is waaaay better than Tarantulairport, believe me.

JPX said...

I've been following the new story and you're right, it's so much better than the last one! Now I need to read you explosion, er, I mean bomb!

JPX said...

Wouldn't Spider-Man be in some serious trouble for skipping customs?

The J. Jonah Jamison Spider-Man hate has always annoyed me. Why would Peter continue to work for him, he could name his price. "Fine Mr. Jamison, you don't want to give me a raise? I guess I'll just give these photos to the New York Times..."

Fuck you, Jamison.

Octopunk said...

As with most things Spider-Man, the treatment he got in the Ultimate Marvel universe was a lot better, i.e. the hatred was explained and eventually gotten over. The decades-old lockstep is pretty damn irritating.

DCD said...

I thought the same thing about customs, JPX. If anything, Jamison could have had a valid story there...

Anonymous said...

So Spidey is finally back to his hometown? No more flights? No more chasing after a villian to help somebody? Finally!

It seems like Jameson is gonna play a major role in this new story, I wonder what kind of trap Jameson set up for Spidey?

The sunday strip is great, Peter finally reunits with MJ again. Too bad my newspaper dosen't publish these sunday strips. :(