Saturday, January 04, 2014

Russian Road Rage Battle Ends In Knife Vs Shovel Fight

From geekology, This is some dashcam footage from Russia (where else?) of a guy in a Toyota Camry constantly trying to get in front of and stop another Ruskie in a Nissan MPV, presumably to stab him with the the knife he has. He finally gets the guy to swerve off the road into a ditch, then climbs on top of his van (after slipping and eating shit a couple times), when he discovers, SURPRISE, his adversary brought a shovel to the knife fight. And, as I'm sure the original attacker's shattered hip will attest, it was a smart decision.
Keep going for the video, but the real action is at 0:45, 2:30, and the accident and fight beginning at 3:00.


Octopunk said...

Holy crap! What the hell is it with Russia?

I like how the high ground advantage disappears when you've got the knife and he's got the shovel.

DCD said...

You know that guy with the knife thinks he is a total bad-ass. I love how he goes flying off the roof of the van backwards and the guy goes after him with the shovel.

Wow. Russia, man.