Monday, January 27, 2014

"Twin Peaks" Cut Scenes Finally Coming?

Amongst the most legendary of alternate film edits is David Lynch's "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me".
The theatrical cut of the 1992 prequel to the classic mystery TV series clocks in at 135 minutes. However, Lynch's original version was said to clock in at closer to four hours, many of the additional scenes featuring characters from the TV series who ultimately did not appear in the finished film.
Both the lack of the involvement of show producer Mark Frost, and the lack of these mostly lighter cut scenes resulted in a film that was very David Lynch in style - dark, experimental and borderline impenetrable. Reviews were scathing, even hardcore fans were divided, but many remain intrigued as to what was excised.
Now, speaking about the upcoming 'Definitive' Blu-ray box set, actor Ray Wise was asked by AICN if the deleted scenes from "Fire Walk with Me" will make it into the release. He says:
"Yeah, it's going to happen. I don't know what happened to be able to do it, I suppose it has something to do with the French producers. But, it's happening. I guess the first cut of David's film, Fire Walk with Me, was probably around three-and-a-half hours long, maybe approaching four, we'll probably see a lot of that material on the new set."
Earlier this week Lynch himself (via Welcome to Twin Peaks) shot down talk of new material being shot for the box-set, but did say the box-set will include "some special things on that Blu-ray that haven’t been seen before."


Johnny Sweatpants said...


This might finally prompt me to buy a Blue Ray player.

JPX said...

You should get one anyway, they're cheap these days!

DCD said...

I can't help but feel that this post is yelling at us.

Octopunk said...

Oh my god, me too! I couldn't read the damn thing until I fixed it.

I'm still stung by the fact that the show ended so cliffhangerishly and then a year later we get more Twin Peaks but it's a prequel. It was more interesting than a continuation probably would have been, but still...