Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The 8th Plague

From Moviesonline, "The 8th Plague" is an experiment in fear, tapping into the primal emotions of the human psyche, emotions that have not been rattled since American audiences were first exposed to such films as "The Evil Dead", "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "The Exorcist".

"The 8th Plague" is the terrifying story of a woman named Luna, who is investigating the disappearance of her sister Nikki. The search leads her to an abandoned prison named Halcyon Ridge Correctional Facility. Upon entering the stone and steel walls, she discovers an ancient evil that had been lying dormant until its recent disturbance.

Subsequently, she learns the terrible truth about the impending plague of darkness that intends to spread and reclaim the world.


Octopunk said...

Jeez, there's so much trouble available when you chase after missing siblings! Better to just forget it.

Octopunk said...

Have you looked at the expression on her face? She looks like she belongs on a poster for a romantic comedy, raising an eyebrow at the antics of the other characters, who would of course be cavorting in the background.

JPX said...

That's funny. I looked this film up and it's apparently a VERY low-budget-we-did-it-with-our-credit-cards kind of flick - could still be good, I mean, it's a busty chick covered in blood!