Friday, January 27, 2006

Alien vs. Predator 2

I'm so psyched, there's finally going to be a sequel to Alien vs. Predator!!! In case you didn't know it, I was being sarcastic. From Bloodydisgusting, "My brain is fighting with itself right now, and it's a war. I love both the Alien and Predator franchises, but how bas was Alien vs Predator? What was even worse is how that movie took 12 years to get made, and now Fox is notorious for rushing movies out to make a buck or just to piss someone at another studio off (ahem Bryan Singer). So with the news that Alien vs Predator 2 being official I canot help but squirm, while the other half of my brain says "maybe it'll be good this time?" Either way, as long as Anderson stays away from it, I'll be pumped." And Aint it Cool News writes:

"At the premiere for Big Mommas House 2, Tom Rothman, Head of Fox spoke about X Men 3, but what is also of note is his comments below on the AVP 2 film. According to SKNR.Net who first reported reported months ago that a film was coming and that it would have a contemporary setting according to Rothman based on the planned script, well thanks to The Movie Reporter and their exclusive interview, the news below seems to confirm this.

Q: AvP 2 any development there?

TR: Yeah, uh, Hutch would know actually better but I think they just got the script, they just got the script in...we are making that movie, it's gonna be kick ass (smiles).

Q: How soon?

TR: We're hoping for August of 2007 release. That's what we hope."


Octopunk said...

In the time frame of the movie Alien, nobody's ever heard of these creatures. Therefore we know that any Earthbound appearance of the critters is going to end well, and obscurely. That puts me off a bit.

On the other hand...hmm. I just thought of this: since the Company sends our heros to the planet in Alien to obtain the beast, it makes sense that they have prior knowledge of it from another source besides the alien warning signal. Of course, AVP being crap makes you not want to link it to the brilliant Alien at all.

JPX said...

Yeah, I pretend that Alien vs. Predator never happened, especially because it's really a watered down, teen version of a once partially-great franchise. Alien vs. Predator was the worst of all the Alien and Predator films.

Octopunk said...

Worse than Resurrection? AVP might have been bad, but at no point did I get that weird, detached "what's going on?" feeling that I got from Resurrection. That fever-dreamy feeling you get watching a movie like Ice Pirates.

JPX said...

Granted Resurrection was pretty lame, but at least it kept things serious and somber. AVP was Alien-lite, full of good-looking people cracking jokes and generally making asses of themselves. It was never scary, not even for a second - although the new queen was pretty freakin' cool. I hated the whole human/predator team-up thing - both franchises jumped the shark at that precise moment. Also, the last shot of the film was groan-worthy.