Monday, January 30, 2006

First pictures from Spider-man 3, prepare to be underwhelmed

Los Angeles, CA :: Enjoy these first pictures fresh off the set of Spider-Man 3! This picture set features 23-year-old actress Kirsten Dunst reprising her role as redhead Mary Jane Watson looking less stringy strawberry blonde weave and more girl-next-door-redhead- turned-prom-queen. We don't learn much from these photos (SPOILER :: Mary Jane fulfilling her dreams as an actress?) but we have learned recently that Theresa Russell, 48, was cast as Mrs. Marko, the wife of Flint Marko, aka the Sandman (Thomas Haden Church). Other confirmed cast members include Tobey Maguire (Peter Parker / Spider-Man), James Franco (Harry Osborn), Topher Grace (Eddie Brock / Venom) and Bryce Dallas Howard (Gwen Stacy). Watch out for Bryce Dallas Howard on tomorrow's taping of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (January 31, 2006 @ 11:35/10:35PM on NBC), her first television appearance since the casting announcment.


JPX said...

There's actually like 6 pictures but for some reason I'm having difficulty posting them at the moment. They're all equally boring.

Octopunk said...

I've really disliked Theresa Russel since I saw Track 29, during which I realized I hate actors who seem like they have marbles in their mouths.