Thursday, January 26, 2006

Grudge 2

From horroview, "Looks like Joan of Arcadia is going from talking to God to talking to ghosts, at least according to The Hollywood Reporter. Amber Tamblyn, she of Joan fame, will play the lead in the sequel to The Grudge, playing the younger sister of Sarah Michelle Gellar's character. I guess older sis passes the titular grudge off to her younger sibling, thus catapaulting her into a world of spooky kids in white greasepaint and lots and lots of black hair.

Tamblyn has already done the remake/J-horror thing with her role in The Ring, in which she played that film's first victim (the hottie in the Catholic school uniform). As for Gellar, by all accounts, her role is to simply pass on the curse, so those excited about seeing Buffy battle Japanese vengeance demons or whatever will have to make other plans.

And is it me, or is Amber Tamblyn a ringer for a young Jeanne Tripplehorn?"


Octopunk said...

You know, I always thought it was Katie's friend Becca who was the hotter one in the Ring.

JPX said...

I thought that this chick got really fat during the course of Joan of Arcadia.

Octopunk said...

Oh, I didn't know that. Better fat than a horribly waterlogged corpse in a closet.

She looks pretty fine in the post pic.