Wednesday, December 27, 2006

3 more Re-Animator flicks coming soon!

Below are the titles for the next three Re-Animator films, along with synopses:

House of Re-Animator: The sequel, which reunites the original team (director Stuart Gordon, producer Brian Yuzna, writer Dennis Paoli and lead actor Jeffrey Combs), focuses on a Bush-like president who dies in office. His staff covertly brings in Dr. Herbert West to reanimate the Commander in Chief, and the expected chaos ensues.

Re-Animator Unbound!: West would have his own feifdom amidst a war zone. There his experiments take him directly in conflict with religion and face to face with the Old Ones of Lovecraftian lore.

Re-Animator Begins: After having his mind pretty much erased by the trauma of Unbound! West is brought back to his senses (during which we get to see some of West’s boyhood) by a mysterious doctor who turns out to be his mentor Dr. Gruber’s niece. Back at the medical school in Switzerland (where it all began in the original Re-Animator) West recreates his early experiments, but makes the fatal mistake of breaking one of his basic tenants when he finds himself having feelings for... a woman.


Octopunk said...

Roll 'em out, I say! As much fondness as I have for this series, I also feel like it's not burdened with a whole lot of rep that sequels would have to live up to.

Also, these guys DO have street cred as the best handlers of Lovecraft's work, which has been formerly handled in some of the most amateurish ways available.

JessicaDwyer said...

I can only hope that this is true. Cause I've been wanting West to get the loving for a LONG time. :)

They need to make up for the trash that was Beyond.