Friday, December 29, 2006


"Val Kilmer is in talks to star in a sequel to his 1985 comedy Real Genius, in which he played Chris Knight, a happy-go-lucky college student working on a powerful chemical laser that will, unbeknownst to him, be delivered to the government for military purposes. The sequel will hopefully wrap up the one lingering question from the original: How will Val Kilmer end his career?" [from iwatchstuff]


Octopunk said...

Yeah, finally!

Are you serious? I was just joining in.

This does sound like a fun idea, but what do you think Mitch looks like now?

Lazlo looks all right; he was the meat-throwing uncle in Napolean Dynamite.

JPX said...

I was being sarcastic with my "Finally!" title!

I'mnotMarcbutmyboyfriendis said...

jpx, please don't tell me you're dissing real genius...