Thursday, December 28, 2006

Royale is Bond royalty

One of the big guarantees of the James Bond franchise is that whilst domestic takes are usually good, it's the non-US markets where it always does big business.

Holding again to the usual ratio, "Casino Royale" has officially become the most successful James Bond film in history with its international gross again more than doubling its impressive domestic bow.

A $146.3 million US tally, combined with a $305.4 million international tally has landed th film with a $451.8 million worldwide gross figure - putting it easily ahead of 2002's "Die Another Day" with $431 million and still growing.

Domestically the film sits tenth on the 2006 box-office list, overseas it currently sits at sixth and looks set to quickly move to and eventually settle into fourth within the next week or so.

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