Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Interesting casting rumors for Trek XI

From syfyportal, "Matt Damon as Capt. Kirk? Adrien Brody as Spock? Gary Sinise as Dr. McCoy?

That might sound like some fanboy's dream, but that's what one Web site claims are the three people who will resurrect television's most popular trio of all time in "Star Trek XI."
What are the chances that some of the biggest names in Hollywood are lining up to play Star Trek's biggest characters? Not likely. Especially since it seems a bit convenient that it's just repeating rumors that have been going around over and over again for months, but IGN Movies says they have the scoop.

According to the site, Damon -- who won an Oscar with Ben Affleck for writing "Good Will Hunting" in the 1990s -- apparently is in talks with Paramount Pictures about becoming the star of the film expected to be directed by J.J. Abrams. "Damon brings star power and an acting pedigree to the role that should convince audiences that this is a serious reboot of the beloved franchise," IGN reports.

Brody would take on the role of Spock, according to the site, taking over a role that Leonard Nimoy originally made famous. And finally Oscar nominee Sinise will reportedly succeed the late DeForrest Kelley as McCoy, the feisty southern doctor who complete the Enterprise trio.
"Those are the three actors that our studio insider advised us were the closest to being cast, with Damon's talks sayd to be further along than the rest," IGN reported. "We have also heard of an actor being eyed for the role of Enterprise helmsman Lt. Sulu: Daniel Dae Kim ('Jin Kwon' on 'Lost')."

Of course if Kim's involvement were true, that would make the third incarnation of Star Trek he would've been involved in, playing Gotana-Retz in the 2000 "Star Trek: Voyager" episode "Blink of an Eye" as well as a recurring role as Cpl. Chang in "Star Trek: Enterprise."
Finally, in the last bit of IGN's revelations, the site reports that James McAvoy, just seen Sunday night representing "The Last King of Scotland" at the 79th Annual Academy Awards, would be in line to play Montgomery Scott.

So there you are. The major roles, outside of Uhura and Chekov, would be played by Damon, Brody, Sinise, Kim and McAvoy. If such a report was true, then that would mean for the first time in probably ever, every single rumor surrounding the next Star Trek film would be true.
Damon, most recently in "The Good Shepherd" as well as the Oscar-winning "The Departed" has never latched on to major franchises in his career. He has preferred movies that in more cases than not have been considered light comedies or possible Oscar contenders. Brody has had a similar background, something typical of actors who receive considerable Oscar attention.
McAvoy has not denied being in talks for "Star Trek XI," and there are still some serious rumblings that he could very much indeed be pursuing a role in the film. And Sinise has been known to take on genre-type films like "Mission to Mars," but he's been quite busy with "CSI: NY" which goes back into production around the same time "Star Trek XI" is expected to be filmed.

SyFy Portal has received past reports that casting is indeed underway, but only time will tell if the group of actors IGN is claiming to be working their way to joining "Star Trek XI" is real, or simply a real bad holodeck simulation."

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Octopunk said...

That sounds like a pretty good lineup, actually. They should add a cute little CG critter as the bridge mascot, named Posco or something. That way, when Posco sits on the phaser button at exactly the wrong time and starts the Kingon conflict, everybody will go "Ohhhh, POSCO!"