Monday, February 26, 2007

So what's the deal with Sin City 2?

From worstpreviews, 'Co-director of "Sin City," Frank Miller, told SCI FI Wire that "Sin City 2" is a go. Miller and Robert Rodriguez (Grindhouse) will once again share directing duties and are hoping to be in Texas to shoot the film by late spring.

"The script is largely done, and now we're in that limbo zone where we're casting and making script adjustments as we go," Miller said in an interview while promoting "300," which he executive-produced and which is also based on one of his graphic novels.Miller added that the sequel will be based on "A Dame to Kill for," the second "Sin City" tale and a prequel to "The Hard Goodbye," which was the basis of one of the first film's storylines.

The sequel will also deal with "a couple of old stories and one brand-new one," Miller said. "The old ones are a couple of 'Blue Eyes' stories, and there's an 'Old Town Girls' story, and the new one features Nancy Callahan [played by Jessica Alba] in a very different, very scary role. I'm hoping we'll start in late spring. It gets pretty hot in Austin, so there might be a summer's interruption there, but both Robert and I really want to be shooting this thing as soon as possible."'

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Octopunk said...

Why Austin? I forget. This movie is so greenscreen-heavy I figured they could film it any old place.