Monday, February 26, 2007

Wes Craven talks about a lot of junk including, shudder, Scream 4

From bloodydisgusting, "I just got back from the Wes Craven press thingy for HHE2. While there I got two things of note: We were shown a completed scene from the movie that looked, have to say, fantastic (description below) as well as a montage of various other footage that was too quickly edited to glean much info other than it appears that a good portion of HHE2 takes place underground, in the mines and caverns of the desert. Second thing, Craven answered questions for a about fifteen minutes or so, informally. Not a lot was said of much interest (a LOT about how HHE2 was inspired by current world events; he pretty much hewed close to the studio line. Making matters more difficult, for some reason, they elected to leave the movie's trailer running at full volume for the event's duration, making the audio quality near-worthless...However, I was able to get this:The question of future plans was brought up: "I'm about to sit down and write an original screenplay for Rogue Pictures; going to lock my self in a room for a while and work on that."When asked about the possibility of a Hills Have Eyes 3, he said, "there could be, it all depends on this one. I wouldn't be at all suprised, though, because we think [HHE2] will do really well." This was followed by a question regarding the likelihood of a SCREAM 4. Craven relpied with, "Actually, I recieved a call about that for the first time the other day... obviously, I've been asked about that for a long, long time... I think that it's not completely off the table at this point, as far as the studio making it. I was asked if I'd be interested, but I said it would depend on the script. [Scream 4] isn't something that's around the corner or anything, they are now thinking about it." Craven has been quoted for years as saying that Scream 4 would never happen, but it appears that that's changed, at least somewhat.UNSEEN FOOTAGE DESCRIPTION:The scene opens on a hand gripping a leather strap that's tied to a bed post. The nails are grown out, long and filthy. A woman's face is revealed, dirty, struggling; she's screaming but we can't hear her. Slowly, through the atmospheric fuzz of the audio, we begin to hear her pleas for help. We see that she's nude on the bed, heavily pregnant and is in labor. She is, head to toe, covered in disgusting grime. Her toenails are grown out as long as her fingernails; she has obviously been a captive for a long time. Her stomach ripples as the baby moves inside. We see the bloody, gnarled hand of the infant emerge from between her legs. Suddenly, it's grabbed by a previously unseen person. The infant, covered in gore, is dragged from inside the woman out onto the bed amidst sounds of tearing and more screams. It's horribly mutated. A knife quickly severs the umbilical cord. The woman is shrieking in fear as the baby is held up for us to get a good look at it's twisted features. We cut to the point of view of a figure moving towards the woman from the side of the bed. She begins to plead for her life. Swiftly, her head is crushed by what appears to be a large club made from a human bone. It goes dark and the HHE2 logo fills the screen.

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Octopunk said...

The real question is: WHAT "real world events" inspired Hills Have Eyes 2? It's about mutant cannibals, for cripes sake.

That trailer sounds gnasty. Guh-nasty. I don't think I'd plead for my life after being used as a mutant incubator, but that's me.

Scream 4? No no no no no. No, Wes, no.