Monday, February 28, 2011

"Basic Instinct" Tops Most Paused Poll

From darkhorizons [excerpt], Sharon Stone's infamous leg-crossing scene in "Basic Instinct" has been named the most-paused moment in movies in a poll from movie subscription service Lovefilm.

Nudity was a big draw on the list Jennifer Lopez's naked bottom in 2010's "The Back-Up" coming in at No. 2, Jamie Lee Curtis flashing her breasts in "Trading Places" at No. 4, a flash of a penis in "Fight Club" at No. 6, and Nicole Kidman naked in "Eyes Wide Shut" at No. 10.

Geek moments also ranked high including a Stormtrooper whacking his head on a door in "Star Wars" at No. 3, Captain America's shield appearing on Tony Stark's desk in "Iron Man 2" at No. 7, and a brief appearance by Pacman in the original "Tron" at No. 9.


DCD said...

HAHAHAHA! I just looked up the "Stormtrooper hits head" scene on youtube. God, I love the internet.

Check it out.

Octopunk said...

I seem to recall there was even an audible "bonk" in some of the sound mixes (of which there were many). I didn't know about that moment until the re-releases.

Octopunk said...

I have to admit I didn't quite catch Sharon Stone's goodies when I saw Basic Instinct in the theater. But for some reason I never saw that movie again. Oh, I remember why. It sucks.

Jordan said...

They added the "bonk" circa the special editions.

They also had Django Fett bump HIS head in Attack of the Clones so that...never mind, I can't even go on.