Friday, February 25, 2011

Humpday Poetry Slam Corny Results

I am so pleased with the entries for humpday poetry. Honorable mention goes to Fitty, for reminding us how intriguing and ultimately unsatisfying candy corn is.

Catfreek and 50P get props for the memorable phrases "kernels in semen" and "big fat fatty mcfatties", respectively.

I loved the succinct quality of Abby's haiku:

Chowder, syrup, meal,
Sentiment or biofuel,
We are children of.

Talked with Gobaers about his poem. I thought the ending was a reference of having to go through winter and a year of seasons before enjoying fresh corn again. But apparently it is a veiled poop reference. Nice one, dude.

Octo is creative genius and completely crushed with his corn man story.

But for the winner, I pick Johnny Sweatpants, for his haiku poem that sounds the gong of total truth and rightness:

I’ve loved popcorn
Since the day I was born
It's addictive like crack
And hotter than porn


Johnny Sweatpants said...

Yay, hooray for me! I loved the topic btw and I feel like the surface was barely scratched.

Catfreeek said...

Congrats JSP! Do you think the free popcorn had something to do with us popcorn/film junkies gravitating to theater jobs?

I also loved the topic and hang my head in shame for my lack of participation 2 weeks in a row.

H-Town said...

I really love popcorn and hadn't consciously made the connection when I picked the topic. So that was an excellent development. (I expected things to skew toward the scatological...)

AC said...

congratulations jsp!!!

h-town, i too was shocked by the relative lack of scatological poems. maybe we're not as lowbrow as i thought we were?

Octopunk said...

H-town's boyfriend is.

Congrats, Johnny Jerkpants!