Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Humpday Poetry Slam: Corn

What is corn?


Or perhaps the cornerstone of processed food

Or these f*n guys

Todays Humpday poetry subject is corn; corn must play a starring role in all submissions. Well, okay, a starring or best-supporting role in all submissions.

For newbs like me: Haiku Humpday is now open to any kind of 'poem'. Go hog wild with your limericks or your e.e. cummings imitations.

Let the games begin!


JPX said...

What grosses me out?
"I have a 'corn'on my foot"
Why call it a corn?

What expression sucks?
When people say, "That's corny"
That just annoys me

The best kind of corn?
That would be movie popcorn
Give me a feedbag

50PageMcGee said...

roses are red
violets are blue
i got corns on my feet
nuff to make you say "ewwww"

50PageMcGee said...

50page senior
Eats his corn in perfect rows
Not one frayed socket

JPX said...

The word has five syllables!
That's one long-ass word

Abby said...

Chowder, syrup, meal,
Sentiment or biofuel,
We are children of.

DCD said...

That corn on the cob
on the Stop & Shop shelf,
in February. Yuck.

Where did it come from?
You know it's not natural.
Mystery corn. Yuck.

DCD said...

You know what I love?
Corn holders. Cute corncobs with
spikes in them. Good stuff.

Ethical question:
Put butter on with knife or
just roll that sucker?

AC said...

who could disagree
best beavis and butthead bit
was "cornholio"

who could disagree
one of best south park moments
involved "cornwallis"

AC said...

corn on the cob
fresh from the farmstand
summer delight

movie popcorn
freshly popped and bagged
theater delight

i like both robed in butter

no salt

jpx don't judge me

Johnny Sweatpants said...

I’ve loved popcorn
Since the day I was born
It's addictive like crack
And hotter than porn

Catfreeek said...

The smell of popcorn popping
a maddening aroma
now I'm craving it
that hot buttery delight

Then there is creamed corn
a most vile looking side dish
kernels in semen

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Thousands of uses
The Indians call it “maize”
Tortilla chips crunch

gobaers said...

memories of the state fair
melted butter dissolving into your grooves
sweet crunch, the taste of fall
when your smell is all but gone,
I'll see you on the other side

Octopunk said...

Lightning struck down on the farm
It was thought to have done zero harm
But of all the surprises
New life arises
As Corn Man sticks up his new arm

About Corn Man nobody knows
He was born out where nobody goes
Jazzed by his birth
He cackled with mirth
And was quickly devoured by crows

50PageMcGee said...

corn farmers grow massive quantities
on large agricultural subsidies
for engorging our cows
or for corn syrup, and now
we're all big, fat fatty mcfatties

JPX said...

Children of the Corn
Somehow made corn seem scary
Stupid Malachai

50PageMcGee said...

fun i have with candy corns
yellow end to cap my teeth
try to hide the whites beneath
fat cartoon tooth, tartar sheath

it never works the way i planned it
the gold part crumbles when it's pressed
waxy crumbs now to ingest
fun deferred, i should have guessed

50PageMcGee said...

if the world is just
the bold saga of Corn Man
will make it to film