Tuesday, February 28, 2012

European 'Avengers' poster


Jordan said...

I mean, it's fine, I guess. Kind of artless and garish. It's too bad because the American posters (particularly the multi-panel series with the painted portraits) are so good.

I've got no problems with these photo-montage posters (in fact I like them a lot; they're like those old montage paintings on movie posters and paperback covers) but this one's so artlessly assembled. (I thought "assembly" was their thing.) All the scaling is off.

And speaking of scaling, is the Hulk supposed to be that large? Was he fifteen feet tall in the other two movies? I realize Lou Ferrigno was just normal human sized (I mean, big but a real person); isn't the Hulk smaller than this in the comics?

I know I'm avoiding work because I'm putting way too much thought into discussing this measly poster.

50PageMcGee said...

i think the better question is, is Captain America 15 feet tall in this?

Octopunk said...

Cripes, the more I look at this the worse the scaling is.

To answer Jordan's question, I think Hulk was superhumanly sized in the other flicks but probably no more than ten or twelve feet tall. In this it looks like he could be as big as twenty feet tall; he's way back there.

And looking at Cap vs. slightly-closer Nick Fury is a joke. Sure, Cap's standing on stuff, but Nick's like a dwarf.

Maybe it's a sign of the lackluster European economy.