Saturday, February 25, 2012

The jig is up

I gave Octopunk a hard time yesterday for giving away the game on my "Meth coming to Riverdale" post (mainly because I'd linked it on FaceBook and it seemed like there was still a chance that other people might be taken in). What's funny is, I never intended for one second to fool anyone -- It was straight-out parody. As far as I was concerned the idea was so ridiculous that nobody would take it seriously for a second. Plus it was full of giveaways (like the initial reference to a site called Once I saw that you guys were actually believing it, I quickly went back and improved the artwork, fixing obvious errors in my drawing, but, again, nobody noticed.

I deleted Octopunk's remarks from yesterday. Here's what he said: "[Octopunk says] I got on the phone with Jordan tonight and the first thing he says is "I never thought anyone would think that was--" and I immediately cracked up because I realized I'd been had. I've reposted this at the top because it's hilarious. Kudos to JPX for being quicker on the draw than me (and really, I was told, so I didn't even get a shot off. Ha)."


Catfreeek said...

Way to go Jordan!

JPX said...

Yep, you sure had me fooled, especially because “” is a real website! The drawing is completely convincing.

Landshark said...

That drawing totally sells it.

But really, it felt quaintly plausible when I read the initial post. I can imagine the creative team behind Archie being stuck in a 1980s world of "drug awareness" special issues like Spider-Man and Teen Titans used to do.