Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Prometheus"/"Alien" Link Revealed?

From darkhorizon, An apparent translation of an interview with Hungarian website Mozinezo (via AVP Galaxy) has director Ridley Scott explaining how his upcoming sci-fi epic “Prometheus” and his cinematic classic “Alien” together.

Up until this point all those involved have downplayed the link of "Prometheus" being a prequel as much as possible, despite the teaser trailer for the film showing numerous connections to the original 1979 feature.

Go here for minor spoilers.


Jordan said...

I'm getting really tired of Ridley Scott and his dumb "pronouncements." I realize that making brilliant, mind-blowing landmark movies doesn't have "understanding what you've done" as a required prerequisite, but still. He tends to sound so idiotic. The only exception is DVD commentary tracks, where he's got the movie right in front of him so he's forced to focus on reality rather than his weird, speculative musings.

Octopunk said...

Having risked the (extremely) minor spoiler I have to throw some blame at the puffed-up "OMG" status of these tiny scraps of information the internet likes to celebrate, but I agree with Jordan. He may have directed my favorite movie ever, but I never know when he's going to be brilliant or a doofus. He thinks Deckard is a replicant, for god sake.

And he made G.I. Jane.

The trailer certainly connotes more of a link with Alien than he's letting on.