Friday, February 24, 2012

Meth coming to Riverdale?

From, Archie Andrews and friends have never been afraid to tackle the issues of the day, and the newest story arc in the long-running comic book franchise will reportedly depict the legendary high school friends battling the ravages of methamphetamine. "It's time to use our beloved platform to address this scourge," asserts Bill Forsbush, spokesperson for Fawcett Group (who publishes the decades-old Archie Comics series). "Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica and the others need to be shown falling prey to the evils of homemade drugs, as so many Americans have done. It's not our place to shy away from controversy."

Details of the upcoming storyline have not been revealed, but a rumored intervention by Dilton and a Weatherby/Big Moose-led gun battle (and subsequent jailhouse shiv-fight) are all rumored to be part of the plot. "We don't want to offend anyone," insists Forsbush, countering claims by church groups that the Riverdale gang's hard-core activities could provide bad role models for younger readers and possibly encourage illegal experimentation with harmful, addictive substances. "Archie and his pals are only human -- their mistakes will make their stories more appealing to children of all ages."


Carm said...

This is sure to make quite the collector's item.

Octopunk said...

Two things occur to me. First, is there a precedent for this? If they're taking on meth, then surely they've taken on evil weed at some point in their long literary history, right?

Second, I'm amazed at the implication that Arch and the gang are all going to partake themselves. I always assumed they introduced new characters for that sort of thing, like they did with gay marriage.

I like how naive "meth coming to Riverdale?" sounds. It's already here, dog! And I doubt Dilton will helm the intervention when you know he's the only player in town with the smarts to cook meth.

At least Jughead's appetite will be under control, finally.

JPX said...

Wow! I continue to be impressed by the issues tackled by the traditionally saccharine Archie Comics. What’s next, Betty’s abortion? Go Arch!